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Focuses of Faith:The Five Saviors

The principal deity of the main Hsing Tian Kong in Taipei is Guan Sheng Dijun (Guan Yu). Venerated with him are Lu Dongbin, Zhang Dan, Wang Shan, and Yue Fei.
Together they are called the Five Saviors ("En Chu Kong"). Also venerated at Hsing Tian Kong are Guan Yu's son Guan Ping, and Guan Yu's faithful general Zhou Cang.
The Five Saviors bring enlightenment and salvation to all people, and bestow universal benevolence. They are deeply revered, relied upon, trusted, and venerated.

1 Guan Sheng Dijun

Guan Sheng Dijun was born in 160 AD, and has been venerated down the ages.
His transcendent moral virtue is celebrated in the Confucian, Buddhist and Taoist traditions.
He is an all-knowing, all-powerful deity. He is not just the patron of business people and scholars—you can also pray to him for physical health, peace and safety in your daily life, a happy family life, success in examinations, business or career, and so on. But the most important thing is to learn and practice the Five Cardinal Relationships and Eight Virtues of Guan Sheng Dijun.

2 Lu Dongbin

The Immortal of the Sword. His blade cleaves through the greed, anger and ignorance in mortals' hearts.

3 Zhang Dan

The Kitchen God. He monitors and keeps records of mortals' words and deeds daily, and presents the record to the Jade Emperor.

4 Wang Shan

The three-eyed Thunder God. He patrols far and wide, rewarding good and punishing evil.

5 Yue Fei

A renowned Song-Dynasty general whose spirit of loyalty and righteousness has been held
up as an example by later generations.

Birthday of Guan Sheng Dijun

The 24th day of the sixth lunar month is the birthday of Guan Sheng Dijun. The main Hsing Tian Kong holds a birthday ritual ceremony, called "Da San Xian Li," to celebrate and pay respect to Guan Sheng Dijun.