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The True Faith of Hsing Tian Kong:

The Five Cardinal Relationships and the Eight Virtues
The Five Cardinal Relationships and Eight Virtues represent the traditional ethical spirit of Confucianism. They stress the practice of eight kinds of virtuous behavior to promote harmony in five sets of human relationships. This is the basis of social stability.

The Five Cardinal Relationships:

‧Love between father and son.
(parents should care for and educate their children with benevolence; children should honor   and obey their parents)

‧Fidelity between ruler and subject.

(the ruler should act for the benefit of his subjects; subjects should be loyal and obedient to their ruler)

‧Distinction between husband and wife.

(each should play their different role, the husband protecting his wife and caring for her, the wife serving her husband and obeying him)

‧Precedence between elder and younger brothers.

(the elder brother should love and protect the younger; the younger brother should respect and esteem the elder)

‧Trust between friends.

(friends should trust each other and show each other good faith)

The Eight Virtues:

 courtesy(li)  filial piety(xiao)
 justice(yi)  fraternal duty(ti)
 honor(lian)  loyalty(zhong)
 integrity(chi)  trust(xin)