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In contrast to the stone lions seen at most temples, the central door of Hsing Tian Kong's Front Hall is guarded by a pair of qilin, which symbolize the nation at peace.


Brick Walls

The outside walls of the main structures of all three temples are faced with red bricks, symbolizing the sincerity, loyalty, compassion and divine majesty of Guan Sheng Dijun.


Couplets on Columns

The 27 poetic couplets which are carved on the columns of Hsing Tian Kong, mainly to glorify Guan Sheng Dijun, are all works of famous Taiwanese artists and reveal the flowing lines and unique beauty of Chinese calligraphy.


The Five Doors of the Front Hall

The Front Hall of Hsing Tian Kong, also called San Chuan Hall, has five doors. The three middle doors are studded with 108 golden-colored pegs that represent the 108 celestial deities of the Big Dipper that guard this place.
The central door is the broadest of the five doors, and also has
the highest status. It usually remains closed. It is only opened for the rituals marking the arrival and departure of the deities at deities' birthdays and during Services of Prayers for Peace, or for a visit by the head of state.

Crossbeams and Carved Panels

The crossbeams below the eaves of the covered walkways along the Hu Long support half-columns and so serve to stabilize the structure. Below them are panels that are often used for decorative features.


Sparrow Braces

Structural elements placed below the point where a beam meets a column, to maintain the joint at right angles. They are all painted with dragons or floral decorations.


The Eight Trigrams

According to legend, the Eight Trigrams have a mysterious power to drive away evil spirits and ward off evil, so they are attached at the center of large beams, to protect and stabilize the structure.

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